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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take reservations?

YES! We now accept reservations through Resy. We book reservations up to two months out. 

What kind of food do you serve at Kim’s?

The short answer: Delicious Korean American food! The longer answer: We serve food that speaks to our chef/owner Ann Kim’s journey as a South Korean immigrant woman raised in a suburb of Minnesota. The food at Kim’s is a reflection of Ann’s heritage and culinary journey - our shareable dishes are a unique blend of bold Korean flavors with nods to the Midwest. Come on your own or with friends, but come hungry! There’s something for everyone at Kim’s.

Can I bring my own cake for a birthday celebration?

Sure, we charge $3 per person to BYO cake.  

Can I bring my own wine?

Yes, our corkage fee is $25 per bottle.  

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Order a Kim’s gift card here.

Is my Sooki & Mimi gift card valid at Kim’s?

Yes, your Sooki & Mimi gift card is transferable to Kim’s and Bronto Bar.  We do not accept Pizzeria Lola, Young Joni or Hello Pizza gift cards.

What are your hours of operation?

Kim’s is open:
Monday - Thursday 5- 11 pm
Friday 4 - 10 pm
Saturday 11 am - 10 pm
Sunday 11 am - 9 pm

Bronto Bar opens at 5 pm Thursday - Saturday 

Where can I park?

Free and metered street parking is available nearby. Off-street paid parking is available at Seven Points Parking Ramp, just down the street. 

I heard you’re a no tipping restaurant; what does that mean? 

We're passionate about cultivating a rich, stable work experience that provides fair and equitable wages and benefits for our entire team. To achieve this, we utilize a no-tipping model, which adds a 21% surcharge of the total to each bill. One hundred percent of the amount generated by the surcharge goes towards employee wages. Learn more and explore frequently asked questions here.

Do you offer takeaway?

Not yet but we will in the future.

Do you offer delivery?

We don't offer delivery or work with third-party delivery services.

Can I rent your spaces out for a private event?

Yes! Visit our private events page and reach out for more info!

Can I rent Kim's or Bronto Bar for a photoshoot?

Possibly. We occasionally rent our space out for commercial projects; however, being a busy restaurant, these dates are limited. Rental fees, rules, and restrictions apply to all photoshoots.

What is Bronto Bar?

Bronto Bar is located in the basement of Kim’s. Bronto Bar is a fun, lively space that serves cocktails, beer, wine and snacks. Seating is first come, first served. Must be 21+ to enjoy.

How do I get to Bronto Bar?

Bronto Bar directions: Follow the mural down the alley adjacent to Kim’s. Look for the back door with the Bronto Bar sign and come on in. 

What are Bronto Bar’s hours?

Bronto Bar is open Thursday - Saturday 5 - 11 pm.

Does Bronto Bar serve food?

Yes, Bronto Bar offers a few snackable items!

Is Bronto Bar a speakeasy?

No, the entrance to Bronto Bar just happens to be through a backdoor in an alley. Everyone is welcome at Bronto Bar, no secret knock or password required!

Who designed your mural?

Chef/Owner Ann Kim worked with visual artist Julia Chon (Kimchi Juice) to design the mural that lives on the south side of our building, along the alley leading to Bronto Bar. 

What's the name of your mural? What is the inspiration and meaning behind it?

The name of our mural is "Guardians of the Flame.” The work reflects Chef Ann’s Korean heritage. Its intention is to spread healing and protective energy, and inspire fearlessness and bold transformation even in the darkest of times. 

The bright green, blue, red and yellow colors are those found in Korean temples. The woman is wearing a traditional Korean 'hanbok' in yellow, which was a color traditionally worn only by royalty. She represents the center and the keeper of the flame. The dragon and phoenix, are custodians of the east and south, bringing rebirth, transformation, and wisdom to those in their presence. 

Who designed your branding? 

Our Kim's brand was created by Twin Cities-based designer Nancy McCabe and Bronto Bar was created by Erik Hamlin