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Guardians of the Flame

Chef/Owner Ann Kim worked with visual artist Julia Chon (Kimchi Juice) to design the mural that lives on the south side of our building, along the alley leading to Bronto Bar. The mural was made possible in part by a generous gift from the Lake Street Council

"Guardians of the Flame” reflects Chef Ann’s Korean heritage and is a celebration of transformation. Its intention is to spread healing and protective energy and inspire fearlessness and bold transformation even in the darkest of times.

The bright green, blue, red and yellow colors are those found in Korean temples. The woman is wearing a traditional Korean 'hanbok' in yellow, which was a color traditionally worn only by royalty. She represents the center and the keeper of the flame. The dragon and phoenix are custodians of the east and south, bringing rebirth, transformation, and wisdom to those in their presence.